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Final Chapter
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Title: Family


Friday April 23, 2005; New Jersey; 3:05 pm


They stood at the back of the group crowding around the cemetery plot like statues watching over the proceedings. Though very Jewish, Helen Wilson had a surprisingly modern funeral. Maybe it was because as she got older tradition became less important and she'd felt certain things could be dropped. They didn't really care though, they were here to pay their respects and be on their way, hopefully without confrontation.


That was a fruitless wish though because as people began to put flowers on the coffin and leave they remained at their posts, silently glancing at everyone who passed. They were given curious looks in return, some even looking as if they recognized one of them but none stopped to speak. No one dared to speculate out loud who they were, not even in groups for fear of having cold calculating blue eyes landing on them. No one wanted to know what the owner of those eyes was capable of.


When James Wilson turned and saw them he froze. There was an unidentifiable emotion lighting his eyes mixed with grief and pain. Beside him stood Greg House, the only man not wearing a suit. He placed a comforting hand on James's back and they both knew that whatever friendship those two had, it was more than that.


They waited for James and House to come to them, a confrontation between two estranged brothers and their lovers. As if by some unspoken agreement House and Gibbs moved away, enough that they wouldn't hear anything but still close incase anything unexpected happened. Gibbs wouldn't put it past Tony to deck James if the older brother was being thick. His emotions were yet to be put under control again, and in such a state he could do anything.


The two stood with a tense silence between them, watching their lovers.


"Isn't there a rule against sleeping with people under your command?" House asked.


Gibbs glared at him, all too aware that though it isn't exactly against NCIS policy, his own rules were against it. "Are your fucking your only friend because you cant get anyone else?"


House turned to him and they just glared, both knowing that their comments were only to get a rise out of one another. It was a battle of wills between them. They were both strong stubborn bastards and neither wanted to be out done. Though Gibbs figured that if it came down to it, House was worse.


"Why does he hate James?" House asked, still glaring.


Gibbs smirked, "Dr. Wilson may be compassionate now, but when they were younger he was the bastard, worse than any older brother should really be."






Tony hated the awkward silence between them, but he expected it with the history they had. It felt wrong though, out of place. He would have preferred the contempt that use to roll off James, that he could have dealt with. Yet, when he remembered last time they had talked the contempt had already been gone.


He didn't know where that left him. He still hated James, it was hard not to when all the memories he had were of him selling him out to their father. But what did James feel about him. Did James hate him too, resent him for being the reason David had killed their parents? Was he going to tell Tony he never wanted to see him again?


Tony mentally "Gibbs slapped" himself. Why should he care about what James thought, it's not like he ever held James's opinion in high regard. If James never wanted to see him again it was no big deal, nor would it change anything for them. He shouldn't care.


But a small part of him did. That small part wanted his brothers back, both of them, yearned for their love and acceptance. He wanted the kind of relationship other people had with their siblings, he really did even if he teased Kate about it multiple times. It was the jealousy talking, slipping past the barriers he'd so carefully put around his childish impulses.


"You look good," James finally broke the silence.


Tony gave him an empty smile, "And you turned out exactly how I thought you would."


James bristled, "You thought I'd end up with three failed marriages?"


"No, not that. It was the high paying job I was talking about, just like Dad wanted," Tony sneered.


James flinched, "I…." he paused, at a loss with what to say. "Antonio-"


"Will you not call me that," Tony snapped. "My name isn't Antonio Wilson anymore, it's Anthony DiNozzo, Tony to you. Only my father and Duck are allowed to call me Anthony."


James looked away so Tony couldn't see the pain in his eyes, "What happened Tony?"


Tony blinked for a moment then laughed, making James flinch. "I can’t believe it. After all this time you still don’t fucking know? You're a doctor for Pete's sake, aren't you suppose to recognize the signs?"


James was confused, Tony could see it and it make him angrier. The rage coursing though him overwhelmed him, he wanted to lash out, verbally and physically. How could James not know?!


"What signs? I don't know what your talking about," James asked, a small hint of desperation in his voice.


"You idiot he beat me!" Tony snapped quietly. "And every time you fucking got involved it was worse. God, you haven't changed at all have you? I can't believe I expected you to have."

The thunderstruck look on James's face did nothing to deter Tony from telling him exactly what he was thinking.


"All you think about is yourself, and everything has to be about you. If you're happy then everyone else is allowed to be happy. But if you're miserable then everyone else has to feel your pain because it's all about you isn't it?"




"Fucking shit," House sighed as he looked over at Tony and James.


Gibbs grabbed him arm, stopping him as he moved to head over to them. "Leave them be."

"Why?" House snarled. "So your fuck toy can get his kicks by tormenting James at his mother's funeral?"


"She was Tony's mother too," Gibbs said calmly. "If they don't do this not it'll never happen."


"Really. Is that because he's too scared to face James, knowing that he's the reason their mother is "dead?"


Gibbs's eyes flashed. "Tony is in no way responsible for what happened."


House smirked. "You keep telling yourself that."


House swung his cane up and struck Gibbs's wrist. Gibbs pulled his hand back with a hiss and out of reflex grabbed the cane with his other hand. Experience told him that if you got hit once you were going to get hit again. House gave him a look that Gibbs had only seen on pissed off kids and tugged, but Gibbs didn't let go. Tug, tug, tug.


Gibbs smirked when House realized he wasn't going to get his cane back that easily, braced himself and gave one vicious pull. House lost his footing, lost his grip and toppled over on his backside.


"Hey!" he cried outraged. "Cripple here!"


Gibbs chuckled, leaned on the cane and smiled in triumph. House just glared. He looked over and saw Tony and James approaching, Tony with curious amusement and James with annoyance. When they stopped James put one hand on his hip and was about to run the other through his hair when he suddenly stopped. He looked at his hand with something akin to horror, which Gibbs couldn't decipher. He figured though that it had to do with something Tony had said.


"Stealing from the disabled Boss?" Tony asked with a fake smile on his face. Gibbs could see some lingering anger in his eyes.


Gibbs smirked and handed the cane to James, "Only the bastards. Ready to go?"


Tony nodded and without a glance to James began to walk away. Behind them James helped House to his feet.


"Your ass is mine Gibbs!" House yelled.


Gibbs smirked to himself and continued walking.


Julie removed a CD from it's case and inserted it into the car's CD drive. It automatically started playing on random and she had to shake her head as it began. "There use to be a bunch assholes that lived in this part of the building. But we systematically removed them like you would any kind of termite or roach." She saw David smirk out of the corner of her eye. He was happy how, his vendetta accomplished and it had changed his entire demeanor. He started to sing along to the song.


James wrapped his arms around House's waist and buried his face in his chest. He started to cry, not only for himself but for everyone else. For Tony especially, who'd been screwed over so many times. And as he cried he hated himself: for the part he played in Tony's living hell and for the way he was. It was all about him, even though he'd fooled himself and everyone else into thinking it wasn't.


They hated it, the way she was looking at them, standing above on the balcony watching them as they worked. It was the kind of look a mother gave, full of disappointment that cut you to your very core. There was no anger, no sorrow; those they could have dealt with. They hadn't expected this from her, didn't know how to handle it because in their experience nothing like it had ever happened before. They all realized that things were even worse than they thought if the Director was giving them that look.


House kissed the top of James's head, unsure what exactly was wrong but momentarily not caring because whatever it was they'd get through it no matter what. He wasn't letting James go, and when James was ready to talk House knew he would.


"Hey Jethro." Tony made a face; that felt so weird.


"Yeah Tony?" Gibbs asked as they got in the car.



Gibbs smiled, "Anytime Tony."


"Where are we going now David?" Julie asked.


David shrugged, still singing to that song and kind of drumming on the steering wheel.


"I mean," Julie continued. "Wont there be people after you for whatever you did?"


David looked at her, "Does that bother you?"


Julie shook her head.


"Then we'll go where we'll be safe. Don’t worry babe."


Someone told me once that there's a right and wrong

Punishment was there for those who dared to cross a line

But it must not be true for Jerk-Off's just like you

Maybe it takes longer to catch a total asshole

I'm tired of waiting.


Someone told me once that there's a right and wrong

Punishment was there for those who dared to cross a line

But it must not be true for Jerk-Off's just like you

Maybe it's just bullshit. I should play God and shoot you myself.

Tired of waiting.


Consequences dictate my course of action

And it doesn’t matter what's right,

It's only wrong if you get caught

If consequences dictate my course of action I should,

I should play God and just shoot you myself.

Tired of waiting.




I should

Kick you

Beat you

Fuck you

Shoot you in your fucking head.

-Jerk Off by Tool.

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