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Title: Moments in a Different Space
Fandom: Stargate/Supernatural Fusion
Landcom: [livejournal.com profile] stargateland
Challenge: Bingo
Series: Belongs to the same universe as Awake My Soul
Rating: PG-13
Pairings, implied or otherwise: Jack/Daniel, John/Cam
Total Word Count: 1744
Word Count Range: each prompt ranges from 100 - 300
Note: Thank you [personal profile] welfycat for looking this over
Note #2:> Thank you to the lovely [personal profile] race_the_ace for the banner.

“Are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?” the man demanded and Jack really, really wanted to shoot him but he couldn’t. He had a demon to kill and the man was just making his job that much more difficult.

“Are you going to leave me alone if I do?” Jack shot back, annoyed. His hand itched to grab a weapon, any weapon.

The man crossed his arms, “That depends on your answer.”

Jack sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Six deaths in the last two weeks, all of them killed in their homes with no sign of forced entry. You were going to be the seventh.”

“Why do you think that?” the man said. Actually his name was Daniel Jackson but Jack didn’t want to think of him by name because that meant getting attached and he’d had enough of getting attached to people going through what he’d gone through. It always ended the same. They were grateful but they wanted to forget it ever happened. Jack could never forget.

Jack raised an eyebrow, “Why else would I be here? Damn timing’s off though.”

“I don’t know. For all I know you’ve been the one killing.”

Jack rolled his eyes and looked around the house. Rocks and old stuff that would make a researcher giddy but generally bored Jack to death. Though, one particular artifact caught his eye and he made his way towards it. He recognized the symbols, Sumerian cuneiform that had played a heavy role in his last hunt. Damn.

“Where’s your wife?”

He ran, he always ran. Sometimes he was far enough ahead of them that he could rest for a day or two. Other times they were right on his tail (literally) and he was forced to keep running, even when he felt like he was going to die.

They never stopped hunting him, though he thinks they should have. They haven’t learned that he was not going to be one of them, that he’d rather die. They’re intent on pursuing him until that happened.

Ronon knew that he couldn’t go to anyone for help. Regular humans didn’t believe in monsters and Hunters would kill him as soon as they found out what he was. Other monsters wouldn’t help him either; they’re self absorbed and only care about other monsters if there’s a war going on.

In some random woods in some random state Ronon collapsed from exhaustion. He knew he was going to die. He’s prepared for it and he knows no one was going to miss him because they’re already dead.

Before his eyes fall shut and the world turns completely black Ronon saw a blurry head of spiky hair leaning over him and smiling.

Children were adorable, at least they were supposed to be and honestly, Rodney didn’t quite mind them if they had blond hair, big eyes and happened to be related to him. Madison was surprisingly intelligent for her age. Surprising because Kaleb didn’t have anywhere near the brains Jeannie had and yet she still ended up marrying him.

Rodney changed his mind to include Madison in the not-adorable-but-completely-freaky category one Christmas when she tried to eat his face off.

There was absolutely nothing more terrifying than seeing your niece eating your sister and her husband and then trying to eat you too.

Daniel can see what’s between them. Sam’s in love and Jack’s somewhere between attracted and in love and there’s not all that much standing in the way of them getting together. Sam has issues, Daniel’s not entirely sure what they are, except the one where her boyfriend turned out to be a Pagan God, but they’re there. And Jack was still mourning his wife and son, something Daniel understood.

It slowly breaks Daniel’s heart. Despite how much he’d wanted to get Sha’re back he’d known it hadn’t been possible. Jack had filled that void, not entirely but enough and it still makes him wonder why after a year of Hunting together they suddenly picked up Sam and then Teal’c. It makes him wonder if he’d been imagining something between them.

But sometimes Jack looks at him and gives him a fond smile that he never gives Sam or Teal’c. They share a look, or they communicate without speaking and Daniel knows that he hasn’t been imagining anything.

Unlike most of his friends, Jonas has always been a Hunter. He grew up in the lifestyle, was descended from a long line of Hunters and knew nothing else.

Before meeting O’Neill and his team, Jonas had only Hunted alone or with family. Never another Hunter, not unless he’d known them a long time and only if he couldn’t wait for backup he trusted without a doubt.

He was taught to be wary of the skills other Hunters possessed. Many he knew got by on dumb luck, a nice trick here and there that saved them a few times before they got possessed or eaten. Others were just cocky, ganked one ghost and maybe exorcised a demon and thought that they could take on anything the world had to offer.

Jack O’Neill was different. He disregarded what little Hunter etiquette there was, took control when he wasn’t in charge and always called Jonas a moron. He had an insane amount of luck, Hunted alongside a...something, Jonas wasn’t quite sure what but he knew for a fact Teal’c wasn’t human, and flirted with death more than any other person he knew.

When Jonas Hunted with them he continually had to look at things in a different light. These people had the perspective of what it was like to live in ignorance, they connected with victims easier and they had an odd way of going about their Hunts and dealing with each other.

He’d once been asked how he was able to fit in and Hunt with them. Jonas hadn’t really been able to answer. Jack’s team moved in their own sort of rhythm, a groovy comfortability he wasn’t sure he’d ever meshed with but he’d learned from them anyways and when it came to Hunting that was all he cared about.

Jack probably shouldn’t find it amusing the way he does, but he can’t help himself. Everything the Angel does is simply hilarious and his ridiculous brain has decided that this is too.

Camael, Cam for short, tolerates Ba’al way too easily. If it was any other Angel/Demon combo Jack might wonder if there was something there but he knows that Ba’al hates Cam from the bottom of his black soul and that Cam’s got that thing with Sheppard.

Sometimes Jack thinks Cam is the way he is just to annoy the ‘helpful’ demon. One day he’ll follow Ba’al around like a silent shadow, peer over his shoulder and glower a few times but never actually say anything. On another he’ll do the exact opposite. If Ba’al moved one way, Cam moved the other. Once, Cam even thanked Ba’al. No one thanked Ba’al, and that one really threw them all for a loop.

But Jack likes seeing what Cam will do next because it’s all the entertainment he gets, which he finds pretty sad.

Question & Night
When Camael went to John he often found him sitting on the hood of his car staring up at the sky. Camael knew it was John’s dream to fly and that he had even managed it for a time before being charged with a crime he hadn’t committed thanks to a shapeshifter. Cam always silently situated himself beside Jon and waited for him to speak first.

At one point he almost offered to take John flying with him. He thought that maybe it would ease a part of him but he hadn’t and later he was glad, because he realized that it wouldn’t have helped anything.

“Why were the stars created?” John broke the silence.

Cam’s brow furrowed and he looked up into the night sky,”I’m not sure I understand why you question them.”

John was quiet for a moment. “The sun gives heat and light to the planet, the moon reflects the sun’s rays to give us light at night but the stars? What’s their purpose?”

“Does there have to be a purpose John?”

“I thought God created everything with a purpose?”

Camael sighed, “Not all my Father’s creations were meant for you.”

John turned to him with incredulous eyes, “Are you telling me aliens exist?”

Cam shook his head, “Why do humans create art?”

John frowned, “Because we can. Because to us it means something and its - oh.”

Cam smiled as he watched it dawn on John. “It’s beautiful. The stars are beautiful John, to my Father, to you, to everyone.”

They fell silent. John leaned against Cam and together they gazed at the stars.

“There aren’t little green men though, right?” John suddenly asked some time later.

Camael smirked, “They’re grey.”

Your Choice
There were very few outsiders who Hunted or interacted with Jack O’Neill’s and John Sheppard’s groups outside of information gathering. Jonas Quinn, a Hunter by birth had hunted with them the longest; Larrin, a collector and all around thief, flirted with Sheppard and constantly tried to sell Daniel’s very rare books; Jason Markham and Nathan Stackhouse, ghost hunters who, at first had known nothing about what they were doing and continually caused trouble but had since become very reliable when dealing with ghosts; The Angel Camael, down from Heaven in an attempt to aid them in preventing a demon invasion; And the Demon Ba’al, who liked the Earth just the way it was and wanted neither Heaven or Hell to have complete control because where would the fun be in that?

There were two others as well. They went by the names Evan Lorne and Laura Cadman and they Hunted together. At least, that was what they told people.

The fact was they weren’t Hunters at all, they were more. Not like Teal’c who was a Demi-god or Ronon who was a skinwalker. They were more powerful than that, more powerful than Ba’al the self-proclaimed King of the Crossroads and Camael, Soldier of God.

To those who knew, Laura Cadman was the Archangel Auriel.

Evan Lorne was God.
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