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Title: Paranoid


Monday April 182005; the Navy Yard; D.C.; 3:00pm


Timothy McGee had the utmost respect for and confidence in Jethro Gibbs. The man was the best at what he did. It was also why he was scared shitless of him. He was scary when angry, so McGee never thought that one day he'd be going against his boss's orders.


He stiffened as he sensed eyes drilling holes into him, slowly turned his head then snapped it back to looking at the computer screen. Ziva was giving him that look again, the one that said 'Everything here is a weapon with which I can use to kill you if you don't cooperate' and it freaked him out as much as Gibbs did.


At the moment he didn't know which of them was worse. They could both kill him painfully and easily. He would probably have to go with Ziva though, because he didn't have to imagine what she would do to him, he already knew.


He was juggling two jobs at once, one for Gibbs the other for Ziva and Kate. He shuddered. He was in deep shit when Gibbs found out.




They were done for the day. McGee had done every technological thing he could when it came to getting the specs on the safe deposit box Jonathan Wilson owned. Tony and Kate were now headed out to the bank in Indianapolis to see what was in the box or if Jonathan had already been there.


His plan was to go home, write his book and relax, but then Ziva approached him at his car, backed him up into it and he knew the rest of the entire week would be anything but relaxing.


''McGee." Ziva dragged his name out, a smirk on her face.


McGee gulped. "Ziva'"


Ziva walked a little closer, as if he was her prey. ''We've been wondering if you've noticed the odd way both Tony and Gibbs have been acting?


“Uh….we?" McGee asked, looking for a way to escape.


“Kate and I.”


"Oh,” McGee paused. "Well.... um... yeah, I guess they're uh... acting weird.”


Ziva smiled, "Good. We believe it relates to Antonio Wilson and are investigating him more thoroughly. However, we need your help.”


McGee's eyes widened. He couldn't believe they were going against one of Gibbs’ orders and asking him to do so as well. It was absurd, madness even suicidal. They would be fired for sure once Gibbs found out, and McGee knew Gibbs would find out. He always did.


''I can't help you'" McGee stuttered quickly. ''I won't help you."


"Yes you will, because if you don’t you will personally experience what my Mossad training has taught me."


He looked right into her eyes, saw the truth in them and shuddered. "Ok, ok. What do you want me to do?"


"We believe Antonio may have changed his name, however we can't find any trace of it. We were hoping you could."


“Did you ever stop to wonder that maybe he's dead?"


Ziva blinked, ''Is he?"


McGee shook his head, ''No, he's alive. Gibbs hasn't said so directly but, I think he knows who Antonio is.”


McGee cursed himself for his weakness as he looked around to see if Gibbs was anywhere near. He was just coming out of the elevator so McGee saved the page he was on and exited it. Gibbs came into the bullpen, coffee in hand and sat at his desk giving neither Ziva nor McGee a glance.


McGee did his work, but every so often he would look at Gibbs then sometimes Ziva. He found it very hard to believe that Gibbs didn't know of the deception going on behind his back and he was just waiting for Gibbs to tell them he knew then fire them.


"There something you want to say McGee?" Gibbs asked.


McGee started and blushed when he realized that he'd been staring. ''Uh, no. No boss, nothing at all. Sorry."


"Then do your work." Gibbs said annoyed.


McGee ducked his head, ashamed and fervently wished for this case to be solved-soon.




Monday; On the Road; Indianapolis; 3:00pm


Kate glanced at the oddly quiet Tony as she drove them through Indianapolis. Yesterday and through most of the night he'd been annoying, but now, after she'd witnessed him having a nightmare, he refused to talk. It had been bad, it had to have been or else he would have made a joke about it and she was hurt that he couldn't confide in her.


She thought that after two years of being partners they could talk to each other about anything without worrying about it backfiring against them. Sure, they teased each other all the time but she hoped that wasn't the extent of their friendship. She never wanted it to be.


"Are you okay Tony?" she asked as she pulled into the bank parking lot.


“I'm fine Kate. Really." He answered smiling brightly, ''Let’s go.”


He instantly changed, became the Tony DiNozzo she was use to seeing and jumped out of the car. He walked to the bank casually but confidently, drawing many women's eyes. Kate rolled her own eyes and followed him.


They walked up to one of the clerks, a pretty Latino woman with long brown hair, chocolate eyes and a very pleasing figure. Tony immediately laid on the charm.


"Hello," he purposefully glanced down at her name tag just a little too long, "Carissa. You have a very beautiful name, you know that?''


Carissa giggled, "Thank you. How can I help you?"


Kate butted in, showing her badge, ''I'm Special Agent Todd and this is Special Agent DiNozzo, NCIS. We need to speak to your manager.”


"Please,” Tony added.


Carissa was startled, but she nodded, "Just a minute please.”


She left and was back in just over a minute with an older handsome man. He introduced himself as Jared Vanderdeen and shook their hands.


"How can we help you Agents?" he asked.


"We're investigating a murder and believe one of your clients will be our suspect's next target." Kate answered. "His name is Jonathan Wilson."


Vanderdeen nodded and motioned for Carissa to leave. Then he took her terminal and looked Wilson up. "Yes, Mr. Wilson has had a safe deposit box here for over thirty years. According to our log, he was in two days ago."


Tony perked up at this, "Did he take anything out?"


“We have no way of knowing, it's part of our policy."


“Can we see the contents of his box then?''


Vanderdeen shook his head, "I can't do that."


“Listen." Kate said angrily, "Your client has a murderer chasing him. There is a reason he came here, one that could help us find him before the killer but we won't know what that reason is unless we see the contents of that box. Do you want his death on your conscience?"


The manager hesitated before nodding and led them farther into the bank where the boxes were stored. He stopped momentarily at his office to open the safe where the spare keys were stored.


He left them in a room with the box and key. "We're going to need the surveillance tapes from two days ago,” Tony told him as he left.


''Of course.”


Tony looked at Kate, a wild glint in his eyes, "What do you think’s in here? Maybe his secret stash of drugs?"


Kate scoffed, "Just open it."


Tony inserted the key, turned it, lifted the lid and they both leaned in to look.


"Damn," Tory muttered at seeing Jonathan Wilson's credit cards and driver's license.

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