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At [livejournal.com profile] stargateland we had a challenge to fill a bunch of prompts during a week's period.

SG1, Cameron Mitchell & Daniel Jackson, Mutant Squirrels
Words: 101

“Their massive Jackson, freaking huge!”

Daniel sighed and refused to look into Cameron’s eyes because he was wearing that look, the one that said “I’m not lying, you gotta believe me” mixed in with a little bit of “this is so freaking cool” and it was that kind of look that Daniel usually gave in to.

“There’s no such thing Mitchell.”

There was a chittering just beyond the tree line. Daniel and Cameron turned and to Daniel’s surprised, three giant mutant squirrels ran out and stared at them with large brown eyes.

“Told you,” Cameron mumbled with a smirk.

“Shut up.”

I couldn't not write this one.
19- SGA, Chuck & Rodney, Chuck corrects Rodney on some Canadian history
Words: 235

“...of course, being a country of superiority we weren’t named by an unintelligent Neanderthal with no creativity,” Rodney Mckay was saying to his team (less than half of whom were listening) as they entered the control room. Chuck rolled his eyes. “The Natives called the land Kanata but Cartier decided to give it a little more of a French flair and called it Canada.”

“Wrong!” Chuck blurted out, loudly, before he could stop himself.

“What did you just say?” Rodney demanded, turning to face Chuck with fire brimming in his eyes.

Chuck straightened and squared his shoulders. There was no backing down now. “I said you were wrong Dr. Mckay. Kanata was the Native word of village. Cartier, when greeted by the Iroquois and invited back to their village, he assumed they were being welcomed to the entire land and inaccurately labeled the map Canada. Furthermore, when our Constitution was written in 1867 there was talk of changing the country’s name, options which included Victorialand, Superior, Norland and Borealia. And while we’re on the subject, the English version of our national anthem has two verses.”

Rodney’s mouth gaped open like a fish for a moment before he crossed his arms and said petulantly, “Does not.”

“I have a history degree Mckay, and if you’ve forgotten,” Chuck tapped his flag patch, “I’m Canadian too.”

05- SGA/SG1, John Sheppard / Cameron Mitchell, War.
Words: 675
This is set in the Awake My Soul verse, meaning it's a fusion with Supernatural. There is a brief mention of actual SPN events in this but that's more for humour. I've also used ideas from the latest season.


John didn’t want to believe it, on any other day he wouldn’t believe it, except that they had concrete proof it was true. The Angels and the Demons, while not necessarily working together, were working towards the same goal.

It wasn’t the Apocalypse, apparently they’d already tried that in another reality with some guys named Winchester and lost Gabriel to Lucifer’s sword and Michael to the Pit when Lucifer was thrown back in, but it was apocalyptic in nature.

They’d figured it out by accident too. Ronon had been prowling around in his alternate form when he came upon Cam and Ba’al talking - too - civilly about the opening of Purgatory. Ba’al spilled the beans almost immediately when asked about it.

“We want it opened,” Ba’al lounged on the sofa in Jack’s house drinking whiskey, “all of us, but don’t think we want it opened for the same reasons because we don’t.”

“Catholicism says Purgatory is a waiting place for souls after a person has died. What’s it really?” Daniel asked.

“Is it like hell?” Rodney added.

“It’s nothing like hell,” Ba’al snapped. “Hell is seven levels of damnation, each level specializing in a different type. Serial killers aren’t just bunched in with your garden variety “goody-goods” who don’t believe in God and all that crap. At the very bottom is the cage, Lucifer’s Cage and no one goes down there unless they absolutely have to.”

“Then what is Purgatory?” Daniel insisted.

“It’s a maximum security prison home to monsters more powerful and exotic than anything walking this Earth. The most powerful is Adria and she is one mean bitch.”

Ba’al refused to answer any more questions after that, but the damage had been done. They knew what was going down, they knew no one was on their side and John knew that Cam had been lying to him this whole time.

“You sonovabitch,” John growled under his breath in a half prayer, “You piece of shit, how could you do this? You’re an Angel!”

“It’s not what you think.”

John spun around and glared at Cam, way beyond caring about the silent way in which he appeared. “You’re trying to open a cage of monsters, what am I supposed to think?”

“You’re a Hunter, you’re supposed to gather all the facts before making a final attack.”

“Screw you.”

Camael sighed and looked up to the heavens. “Do you want the truth or not?”

“Sure, whatever your version of it is.”

Cam bristled, “Purgatory is an untapped fountain of energy. Many of the monsters in there will have died but their souls have remained. The Demons want those souls and a score more new monsters is a small price to pay in order to get them.”

“Let me guess, you’re not interested in the souls,” John snarked.

“Souls are useful for many beings, Angels included but no, that is not why we want to open Purgatory.”

John raised an eyebrow when Cam didn’t continue. He wished, for once, that he just got to the point, bypassing all else because he couldn’t take it right now.

“We want Mother.”

“Mother?” John asked perplexed.

“Yes. Aside from our Father she is the only one still alive who knows how to lock monsters up without letting the others free.”

“And to get to her, you’re going to free everything else that’s already there?” John needed that clarification.


“Are you crazy? Do you know what you’re going to even let free, or do you not care about the amount of fucking chaos it’ll bring? You guys really have no love for humanity do you?”

John shook his head when Cam tried to protest, “You know what Cam just go away. Come back if you ever find a brain inside that feather-head of yours.”

For the first time since meeting Cam, John didn’t hear the flapping of wings when Cam took flight. He closed his eyes and dropped his head in his hands, knowing that he was the reason nothing would ever be the same between them again.

33- SG1, Vala Mal Doran, Strange Dream
Words: 208
“I had a dream last night. You were in it.”

“Oh now that is not a sentence I ever wanted to hear come out of your mouth.”

“Do you wanna hear it?”

“Not really.”

“Oh come on! It’s not that bad, I promise.”

“No sex?”

“No sex.”



“Seriously, you don’t need to jump up and down.”

“Okay, okay. So in my dream, the dream you’re in, you were wearing a lot of leather.”

“I was?”

“Oh yea. You should wear leather more often, you look good in it. So does your ass.”


“What, it’s the truth.”

“I’d prefer it if my ass stayed out of this.”

“Alright...spoilsport. So, your dashingly handsome, leather wearing self is exactly like you, the leader, hero type kinda guy you are. And I’m there, in leather, sexy and totally kissing you-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I thought you said this wasn’t a sex dream!”

“It isn’t.”

“Kissing doesn’t always lead to sex in your dreams?”

“Well...not this one because I hit you and then you ran into a door.”

“That’s great, thanks.”

“I thought it was funny.”

“You would.”

“Oooh, you wanna hear another dream I had?”


“Aww, Cameron that’s no fun!”


“But you were cross-dressing!”

21- SGA, John Sheppard, It wasn't me!
Words: 122

John jerked awake, straightened in his chair and plastered on an innocent smile but by the looks of everyone in the conference room, they didn’t buy it. Rodney was incredibly annoyed, Elizabeth just a little annoyed and Lorne, Teyla and Carson were amused.


“You haven’t been listening at all, have you?” He demanded, voice rising a little, indicating an advancement to a full on rant.

John shrugged, “Someone’s messing with your room.”

“Messing? MESSING? It’s more than just messing Sheppard, it’s ruining my life!”

Rodney paused and looked at John suspiciously before his eyes widened and he pointed, “It was you!”

“Rodney,” John said placatingly. “Where would I get access to princess patterned wallpaper?”

41- SGA, Rodney McKay, it's not really a kitten
Words: 304
“You can’t keep it Rodney.”

Rodney was used to those words, he got them all the time when he was a kid and even a few times when he was an adult. So while he kind of expected it, he hadn’t though John would be the one to deliver the words.

“I’m not leaving her out here to fend for herself. She’s just a kitten.” Rodney held the white striped kitty closer and stroked her soft fur. She was about the size of his hand, so small and adorable with big green eyes and long bright pink tongue when she licked his hand.

John crossed his arms sternly but was betrayed by his twitching lips. “She’s still not coming.” He was amused but not budging an inch.

“I’ll take care of her, she’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, till she starts eating us in our sleep.” John retorted pessimistically.

Rodney backed away from his team, especially from the way Ronon was now eyeing the kitty, as if she was a wraith and he was going to shoot her. “She’s not man eating. There’s no way you can prove it.”

“Rodney,” Teyla said in her soothing voice. “Are you able to prove she’s not a danger to the city?”

“No,” Rodney grudgingly said. “But come on! She hasn’t even tried to bite me, let alone anyone of you! For all we know her kind eat plants, we sure haven’t seen anything big enough to sustain her when she gets bigger!”

John sighed, “Whatever. Lead the way Mckay, but if Woolsey makes you send her back, do say I didn’t warn you.”

Rodney glared at him and marched towards the gate, “you wouldn’t eat anyone, would you?” the alien kitty purred and Rodney didn’t notice the two small nubs on her head which were the start of horns.

04- SG1, Thor, 3 other ships named after the Tauri (and how they met unexpected demises)
Words: 300

Thor was beginning to think that naming his ships after the Tau’ri was just not a good idea. He found that he’d had an increasing number of problems with said ships. The O’Neill didn’t even get to battle, the Daniel Jackson got destroyed and well, there were a few more that also met untimely ends, none of which could possibly have been foreseen.

The Samantha was the ship he flew between the O’Neill and Daniel Jackson. She was a very powerful ship, meant to be a great advancement against the Replicators. What the Asgard, and Thor in particularly, didn’t expect was for a storm to move mountains (literally) and drop one right were the Samantha was docked.

The Walter Harriman had some internal issues. For some reason her systems worked at an efficiency not ever seen by the Asgard, or anticipated and it wasn’t compatible with the way the Asgard operated. When trying to reprogram her, she took great offence and self destructed.

It was only after an accident with the Bill Lee that Thor was beginning to have his doubts. After her third successful test run, Thor took her on a reconnaissance mission to the outer edge of the galaxy and she was wonderful. Thor really thought she’d end up being in service for a long time.

But then he took her to Earth for a little check up on the Tau’ri. While connected to their Internet, and gathering what information he could, something happened. He didn’t know what it was until he was on his way home and the system started malfunctioning. Running a diagnostics didn’t help. The Bill Lee dropped out of hyperspace and proceeded to fly itself on a destructive path into an asteroid field.

To hell with the Tau'ri, Thor called his next ship The Impala.

10- SG1, Cameron Mitchell- Wormholes
Fic set in my "Awake My Soul" verse which is a supernatural Fusion.
Words: 300
Cam slowly turned around, inspecting the room he was imprisoned in. It was small, barely able to contain his wingspan and his head almost touched the ceiling. The walls were painted black, but there were bright optical illusion swirls in blue and green. It was a strange little room, and not just in looks. There were no sigils preventing his escape and yet, he still couldn’t leave. He didn’t know why.

“That’s because you’re a dick.”

Cam scowled and looked around again but there was no one, “And you’re a fucking asshole.”

“Ho-ho, little Camie’s got a potty mouth,” the voice laughed. “How very human of you, especially since you’ve turned your back on them.”

“Who are you?” Cam demanded, crossing his arms.

The voice continued to laugh, “How far the Angels have fallen and still they continue to fall. You follow the Archangels blindly.”

Cam refused to answer. Sandalphon and Metatron knew what they were doing. They didn’t have the approval of God, but their Father wasn’t around so it wasn’t like that was even possible. Opening all of Purgatory hadn't been their first choice, every Angel knew this. But if they were to utilize Purgatory again then they needed the only being they could find who knew how it worked.

“You really do need to be taught a lesson Camael, and I’m sorry but I’ll be the one to do it.”

Cam tensed and started circling slowly, ready for an attack. What appeared instead was a doorway and behind which her something spinning.

“You actually think I’ll go through that door?” Cam asked incredulously.

“You will if you want to leave this place. Beyond is a wormhole, you’ll go through that as well and then your lesson with begin.” There was a brief chuckle, “Good luck Camie.”
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