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Summary: Shot stories that take place after Full Circle.

Disclaimer: I own none of this

Words: 1, 493
Title: Surprise!


July 20, 2005; Naval Yard; D.C.


Tim needed to find his boss, really, really needed to because it was very important. If he didn't find Gibbs he was sure he was going to go crazy. He'd tried calling, and got no answer which was strange because Gibbs always answered his phone unless he was avoiding an ex-wife. He'd gone to Autopsy, Abby's lab, checked all the elevators and even poked his head into MTAC yet that had yielded him nothing.


He returned to his desk to think over what to do and where to go next, analyzing it methodically like he assumed Ziva would do. He tapped his fingers as he thought, constantly changed positions, checked his watch and tried to phone Gibbs a few more times.


"Something wrong McGee?" Kate asked, curious and annoyed.


"Can't find Gibbs," Tim answered. "And he's not answering his phone."


Kate shrugged, "He'll show up."


Tim rolled his eyes and pulled up the cell phone GPS trace and started working on it. He was able to triangulate Gibbs to the Naval Yard and the building they were all in. Frowning he wondered which rooms he hadn't checked.


He got up suddenly and took off, down to the interrogation rooms. He couldn't fathom why Gibbs would be down there, but it was the only place he hadn't checked. He went to the usual room they used and opened the door.


"Boss I - " he froze, eyes going wide at the incomprehensible sight he'd just walked in on. His brain had frozen, like a computer that had too much to do, trying to do it all at once and just stopped because it could no longer go on. His eyes remained wide, mouth open and gaping like a fish and his limbs no longer worked.


Gibbs and Tony were…….together. He'd walked in on the two of them necking heatedly and he was pretty sure he didn’t want to know where Tony's other hand was. Holy shit, Gibbs and Tony were together.


How the hell had that happened? Not only were they breaking Rule 12 but they were doing it with each other. He never expected Gibbs to break it, he made the damn rule and he expected that if Tony ever broke it, it would have been with Kate. The two of them had been dancing around one another for a long time. This had never crossed his mind.


Then his brain rebooted and he fully comprehended what he'd walked in on.


"AH! Oh god I'm so sorry!" he said quickly backing out of the room and closing the door. He backed away from the door and stood with his back up against the opposite wall of the hallway.


He was doomed, so doomed. He'd walked in on his Boss in a relationship that would not be accepted by the general public. He had the sudden power to screw over their careers, which he would never do but the power was still there. He really did not want such a thing on his shoulders.


The door opened revealing Gibbs who was studying him with narrowed eyes. Tim couldn't get his mouth to work, to say anything that would assure him he'd keep his mouth shut.


"Come here McGee," he said calmly.


He moved aside so Tim could enter the interrogation room. Taking a deep breath Tim walked in and cringed with the door slammed shut.




Tony smiled when the elevator door opened to finally reveal Gibbs. He'd been riding the elevator for the past five minutes having assumed he'd be back by that time from his run for a good cup of coffee. He'd gotten some curious looks, but he knew that his waiting would be greatly rewarded.


Gibbs raised an eyebrow as he walked into the otherwise empty elevator. Tony, once the elevator had started moving, flipped the emergency switch and kissed his lover desperately.


"What are you doing?" Gibbs asked pulling away.


Tony just looked at him, "What does it look like?"


"We agreed not to bring this to work DiNozzo."

"I know," Tony said with a bit of a whine. "And I'm not suggesting we get down and dirty here but I'm feeling a bit……..I just need you to get my mind off it."


"Deprived Tony?"

Tony looked down, "I'm sorry."


Before he'd gotten together with Gibbs, his womanly conquests had been over exaggerated. He was actually quite picky about who he slept with. Getting a pretty woman into bed was one thing, he could easily do that with words and his smile, but having someone he genuinely liked was different. He preferred sleeping with people he liked, people who could at least follow him when he talked movies even if they didn't completely like it. He wanted someone who actually liked him too. That didn't mean that he didn't go out just to find a pretty face, but it didn't happen as much as he made it seem. He had the equal liking with Gibbs and the active sex like he had now was not easy to go back on.


Gibbs flipped the switch back on and Tony immediately distanced himself. He couldn't believe he suggested even getting a little stimulation from his lover at work. It was so stupid that Gibbs should have smacked his head.


The door opened, but not on the third floor. It was the floor with the interrogation rooms.


"Er, Boss?" Tony asked confused as he followed him into the second room. Gibbs's cell phone rang, but he ignored it.


"Shit," Tony groaned as Gibbs pushed him up against the closed door, and kissed him hard.


"Though we weren't doing this stuff at work boss." he gasped.


Gibbs smirked at him, "Thought you needed this."


Tony nodded, "I do; it's just that I thought we weren't going to."


Gibbs sighed and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Tony knew it was meant as an apology, but he wasn't going to have any of it. He wanted something rougher and more passionate. He pushed against Gibbs, crushing their lips together and trying to gain control Gibbs fought back and it had them bumping into the table, knocking the chair over and Tony smacking his head off the wall as he was pressed between it and his lover.


He'd been aware of the phone ringing a few more times, which he pulled from its holder and threw onto the table. Not only had the ringing been too close but it had been uncomfortably digging into his skin.


He hadn't been aware of much else except Gibb's mouth and hands all over his upper body, staying away from the sensitive spots so they could stop at any time but he didn't much care.


"Boss I-"

Tony and Gibbs both looked towards the door where a completely shocked McGee was standing. Tony felt his insides clench and go cold. He was sure McGee was going to run any second now, straight to the Director. He'd screwed up, he should have known not to take the chance, should have realized that the one and only time they broke their own rules someone would catch them.


McGee kicked into full gear, "AH! Oh god I'm so sorry!" He was out the door in less than a second.


"Boss?" Tony asked, a hint of fear in his voice as Gibbs stepped away and straightened himself out.


Gibbs raised an eyebrow, which Tony took to mean as 'why aren't you following my lead?' and started to do just that, smoothing his shirt out and flattening his hair. Gibbs then opened the door and ordered McGee in, closing the door behind him with a slam.


"Boss I," McGee started but Gibbs cut him off.


"What do you have to report McGee."


McGee stuttered for a moment and Tony wondered why he was ignoring the fucking huge elephant in the room like it was an insignificant ant.


"I uh…..Arianna Johnson killed her husband. I found a stolen schematic of the base Lieutenant Johnson worked at with detailed notes. She lied Boss."


Gibbs nodded, "Good work." Then he fixed McGee with his most lethal stare that made Tony flinch as well. "Don’t speak of this."


McGee nodded fervently, 'I…I wasn't going to. It's surprising, but I don't care. Honestly Boss, I'm just glad you weren't…uh naked."


Tony snorted with laughter.


"I believe you. Go." Gibbs ordered. McGee left quickly and Gibbs turned to Tony.


"You knew he wasn't going to tell anyone?" Tony asked as they put the room back in order.


Gibbs nodded, "Had a friend who was a lesbian. It's the last thing he as to be prejudice about."


Tony sighed in relief. Gay publicity was the last thing he needed to deal with. It was also one less thing he thought he had to hide from Tim, given their fast building friendship. Maybe he could find out if Tim had ever done it with a man. That would be interesting.

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