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Summary: Shot stories that take place after Full Circle.

Disclaimer: I own none of this.

Words: 438
Title: Predicable


April 25, 2005; Naval Yard; D.C.


"I thought I warned you about keeping your team on the case Jethro," Director Sheppard said by way of greeting as he joined her on the balcony overlooking the bullpens.


"You did," he agreed.


"Then what happened?" she demanded. "Your entire team is at odds with one another."


Gibbs glanced down at his team. Kate and Ziva were working separately at their desks and Tony and McGee were companionably working together on their new case. He didn't know what had suddenly healed the rift between the two but he was glad it happened.


"Kate and Ziva got it in their heads to search for more on Antonio Wilson." he answered.


"So they found out and now Agent DiNozzo is pissed off at them?" Sheppard assumed. She shook her head, "I thought NCIS had buried the information too deep for their limited skills."


"Threatened McGee into helping them."


One of her eyebrows rose, "And you didn't catch them? You're slipping Jethro, or was there something else using up your concentration? Agent DiNozzo perhaps?"


Instinct would have had any man glaring at her, or denying it indignantly, but he wasn't just any man and he looked at her impassively. He was surprised Jen actually believed she could get something out of him like that. She may be the better politician of the two but he was older, harder and use to dealing with people like her.


"How are you dealing with them?" she asked after several moments of staring, turning away from him.


"Agents Todd and David are being removed from field duty for one month."


"Do they know?" Jen interrupted.


Gibbs nodded, "Found out this morning."


Jen shook her head, "I'll let Agent Granger know his team is to lend you man power when you need it."


Gibbs nodded. Granger's team was good, not like his but they were newer when it came to working together. It was acceptable.


"What are you doing to Agent McGee?"


"Not much, but he'll be frustrated by the end." Gibbs didn't need to tell her the young agent was stuck with all the Probie jobs again. It didn't hinder the operation of any investigation, so it didn't involve her.


Jen sighed, "Your team Jethro, but don't let this happen again."


She turned away but Gibbs's voice made her pause, "You didn't ask about DiNozzo."


Jen smiled, "You're basing your punishments on their personalities Jethro, I already have a pretty good idea about what you've chosen for Agent DiNozzo."


"Then why'd you ask about the other?" he wondered.


"It's nice to know I can still predict you."

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