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This is Nikola. (Nikki, Nik, baby). She likes hiding behind my desk and within my shoe tree. She's a 5 month old silver tabby and she purrs like a machine.

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ETA: She's also a spy. We've introduced her to my sister's cat and she'll hide behind one edge of my bed while Kea's around the corner and wait to pounce.
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I love my elfycat and my aceygoat. They sent me a postcard from elfy's trip down to California! And it had Giraffes on it!
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Lets see if this works...

maybe next time I'll learn to spell right

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I need some help.

I want to write more in the Shades of Colour universe for the big bang at StargateLand. I really, really do, but I'm having problems getting a muse for it. If fact, my muse is working on my John/Cam AU 'verse I created for [livejournal.com profile] camshaft22 and while that's nice, I don't want it to be working right now.

Anyone know where I can get some school-ish related prompts without having to be part of a bingo com? I figure that if I can get that muse jump started too, I can work on both AU verses side by side.


Jan. 3rd, 2011 11:37 am
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On the 12 Days of Spacemas my favourite channel gave to me: A day to watch SGU without getting bored!!

I am liking these season 2 episodes!

ETA: I'm slightly confused. How did the Lucien Alliance get on Destiny in the first place?
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[livejournal.com profile] stargateland has been the one thing that I've loved the most about this last year. I've made some new friends whom I actually talk to and it's awesome.

Its also been good for producing fandom stuff in a time where my muse is at its lowest. Love y'all.

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