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Title: Unofficial Mascot
Series: Set in the same 'Verse as camshaft22's SG1 Blackhawks AU and my own contribution(s)
Fandom(s): Stargate SG-1/Hockey RPF
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: PG-13
Words: 480
Summary: This has Paul written all over it because Paul brags. A lot.
Notes: Another shortie.
Content Warnings: n/a

Somehow he becomes a focal point for SGC personnel. He’s someone they can talk about that’s not work related, family, or earth politics. He and his hockey team are something safe they can talk about off-world, on earth, in space, and stuck in a wormhole. He’s not really sure how it happens, but he blames Paul. He sort of blames Jack, but he blames Paul more. This has Paul written all over it because Paul brags. A lot.

Its kind of ridiculous really, but he also doesn’t mind it. He’s glad he can help them, be a focus when they need not to talk about something.

Its freaking noticeable too.

They come to practices, sit high up in the stands and bicker amongst themselves. They’re usually in uniform and it makes him wonder if they’re using highly classified, secret government technology to travel half way across the country. He’d asked Paul once and his not answer had been enough. They come to home games in small groups like they do practices. They stand out because they’re soldiers, or scientists who’ve been around soldiers too long, and they know how make noises that can be heard. They hold signs with his number and the full symbol for Earth, not the gate version he’s got tattooed over his heart and that fans seem to have gone bat-shit crazy over. They never tend to stick around when the game’s over.

In Colorado they fill up half the stands. Soldiers, scientists, family members and even an IOA member from time to time. (He took a spectacularly embarrassing fall coming off ice after the pre-game warm up when he noticed Woolsey and has been unable to live it down.) They’re loud, they’re abrasive, they yell rude things in Goa’uld at the Avalanche, and attempt to give him fighting tips. Half their signs are meant for the team and the other half tends to be variations of “Come on! Apophis Could Do Better.” or “Kick their ass’ Colonel!” It doesn’t matter that he’s not military anymore, he’s still Colonel.

The team gets used to it, they even come to welcome it after a while. The strong following almost feels like home and during a particularly long road trip its a nice change. They don’t make the mistake of calling him Colonel a second time. He won’t take it from them because they don’t know what it means and never would. He doesn’t wear those birds on his shoulders anymore and he wont have them disrespecting the hard work that goes into earning them when world can’t know that he did earn them a lifetime ago.

They get media attention, but Jon’s a master at “no comment” and someone in the Mountain takes care of it from their end.

He throws his stick at them when they officially try and declare him their mascot.
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