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Title: Star's Align
Series: Set in the same 'Verse as camshaft22's SG1 Blackhawks AU and my own contribution(s)
Fandom(s): Stargate SG-1/Hockey RPF
Pairing(s): Kaner/Tazer
Rating: PG-13
Words: 377
Summary: Jon clued in after three years of being on the team.
Notes: She's a shortie.
Content Warnings: n/a

The revelation creeped up on him slowly. It wasn't because he was the oblivious sort of person. Jon had lived over fifty years of life, he'd come to recognize a thing or two about human attraction. If anything, it was because the two of them had always been that way with each other, even before it meant something more to them.

It hadn't helped that Duncs and Seabs were exactly the same way and always had been, according to those who'd know them that long. It hadn't helped that Jon had considered it akin to the connection he shared with Sharpie, though obviously on a far less mischievous and superior level. (Tazer's pranks were terrible and Jon wasn't even sure Kaner knew what the word subtle meant.)

Jon clued in after three years of being on the team, and it wasn't because of anything spectacular or obvious. It had been a regular day, after a regular practice, and the usual jokes were flying around the locker room. Jon and Sharpie were getting blamed for everything, - they didn't do it - the goalies were having a fierce battle of Who Can Be More Zen, Duncs and Seabs were having one of the psychic conversations, and Kaner and Tazer were having an argument.

Jon just happened to be watching Tazer's face when Shawzie made the obligatory 'married couple' joke and Tazer fucking smiled. It wasn't his "I'm humouring you, but I'm going to kill you at practice tomorrow and make it look like an accident" smile (of which Jon was intimately familiar with). It was a fond smile, a smile that said "you have no idea" and "ha! joke's on you" and a boat load of other immensely sappy things that told Jon this had been going on for a while. It didn't surprise him, per say, either. It just put all those little things he'd seen and attributed to them being weird into perspective. Of course they were practically married.

Jon rolled his eyes. Idiots. They probably didn't realize that no one would give a damn. Good for them though, they were both ridiculous in their own right and deserved each other.

The only thing left to do was talk to Sharpie and congratulate the two with a prank.
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