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Title: Transcendence
Fandom(s): Supernatural + Doctor Who + a dash of Teen Wolf
Pairing/Character(s): Gabriel
Prompt:+++ Divide By Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot +++ (Hex) Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett
Rating: PG
Words: 818
Summary: He flew to the false star and he thanked her in all the languages of Heaven, Earth and Hell.
Notes: Written for the 2012 [livejournal.com profile] consci_fan_mo. Timey whimey timeline liberties taken. Not Beta'd
Content Warnings: Waiting for death. Set end of Season 5 for New Who.

He sat alone and he gazed upon the false star. It was wondrous, a beautiful piece of contradiction. It sustained the lives of Earthlings while eating up the whole of time and space and eventually, in the end, the Earth itself. It was The End. An Apocalypse foretold my none and he loved it. If the universe had to die, then this was the way he preferred it. The humans didn't notice, the gods had long since been taken and his brothers could do nothing.

They were powerless. This was an event beyond their control. They could neither stop it or set it right. They may have been able to bend time enough to travel between two points but the whole of time was more than they could imagine. His brothers and sisters could only sit back and wait to be eliminated because to struggle, to rage against the inevitable, was a waste. There was no surviving the false star.

He didn't care what the false star really was or why it was killing everyone, he was simply grateful. If it weren't for the false star his brothers would be free and fighting, destroying the world, bringing about their apocalypse. But they weren't, they never would, and they all knew it. The false star might be erasing time and space, and the minds of the lesser beings might be forgetting those they'd known only seconds before but it couldn't make him forget. The false star couldn't make his brothers and sisters forget either. They'd been so close too, so close to their Apocalypse and their so called victory, only for the star to erase that one significant piece and it all crumble.

God, but it was brilliant. All he had to do was close his eyes and he could remember the precise moment when, just as Lilith was giving her body over for Sam Winchester to kill her, a crack in time drew 18th century Hunter Joseph Campbell into its light and erased everything. He couldn't help but laugh, for it was better than anything he could have managed. An entire righteous bloodline gone within the blink of an eye, unable to be brought back and put on the "right" path again.

Oh, did Zachariah try and fix it though. A second child where there had only been one, her descendants thriving until mistakenly setting their suspicions upon the Pandorica and meeting their end at the hands of the Centurion. An early relocation to avoid the doom of the Pandorica altogether, leading to a land feud with a pack of Gévaudan Werewolves, an alliance with the Argents, and a false sense of security from The Code. More cracks, less humans, less monsters, less reasons to hunt, hell was shrinking, heaven was falling away, and through it all he laughed.

He laughed and he drank. He sang and he danced. He flew to the false star and he thanked her in all the languages of Heaven, Earth and Hell. He screamed at the Father for not coming up with this himself and he destroyed temples and monuments dedicated to the gods. He cried because while this was better than what they wanted, it was not what he wanted.

What he wanted wasn't in the cards anymore and even if this End wasn't happening, it never would be. That was okay. He'd had two thousand years to get over it and move on and really, this was probably better than what he wanted anyways. This way, no one would remember anything, there would be no life, afterlife or in between. There would be no possible way for his brothers to turn on each other in petty jealousy and tear everyone apart again.

He sat alone and he gazed upon the false star. As he gazed upon the false star he could feel that the End was coming, so he waited for it to swallow him up too, to take him with the last of the Earthlings and Earth itself. There wasn't much left of Earth now. Building by building, human by human, animal by animal, monster by monster, the false star took them, erased them, made it like they'd never been born, built, created. He waited for her to do that to him, wondered if he'd feel anything, doubted it and smiled a bit.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the heat on his face, her heat, so similar to the Grace of another angel and yet so very different. He concentrated on letting everything drift away, all his errant thoughts, his worries, his desires, and regrets. He had no use for them anymore. He prayed one last prayer to his Father, a goodbye, not even sure if He was there to hear it. He concentrated on evening out his breathing, the in and the out, any one of them about to be his last. And Gabriel waited.

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Awwww Gabe! I love the "Gevaudon Werewolves", nice touch!

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