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Title: A Song of Storm and Fire
Series: N/A
Fandom(s): Stargate
Pairing(s): Cameron Mitchell/Evan Lorne
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1400 (5 parts ranging from 158 - 481 each)
Summary: The first time Cameron shifted on Atlantis it was in response to Lorne’s own shift.
Notes: Written for the Stargate Land Bingo Challenge.
Title taken from the "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle" soundtrack titles.
Used prompts are: Fear, Avenge, Removal, Torment and Joy
Yes, you probably do recognize dragon kinds/types from a few various sources including dragon cave and the Temeraire series.
Content Warnings: None


He grew up knowing what it was like to hide, what it was like to be forced to hide because the world just didn’t accept people who didn’t make sense. Cameron was one of the ones who didn’t make sense, like a quarter of the Stargate Program.

Fuck all if it helped them though, being genetic abnormalities. The universe just didn’t know how to give them a break, although Cameron was used to it never having given him one from the beginning. His parents were human, his brothers were human, but Cameron was an honest to god fire breathing dragon.

Dragons weren’t a secret to the world, never had been, but they were a minority. Cam had grown up constantly under government surveillance but no one ever knew his status unless they absolutely had to and even then, he hated telling people.

If he wasn’t so close to his family, Cameron would have disappeared through the Stargate years ago.


Dragons were not allowed to have children, and there were horror stories about those who did.

Cameron didn’t want to think about what the government would do when they found out that two dragons (through technological means since they were both male) now had a child. Their son was clearly a dragon as well, his eyes were bright and his body was as warm as a fire. Cam knew that he would burn Earth for him if he had to.

“He’ll have to stay on Atlantis.”

Cameron tore his eyes away from his son and looked at Lorne, sitting beside him and clearly as enthralled with their child as he was. Instinctually Cam wanted to argue with him. He wasn’t going to leave his child when he went back to Earth, not on an alien city that got attacked often and was so very unsafe despite being one of the safest places in the galaxy. He fought the urge to shift forms and fight it out.

Lorne was right, of course. Cameron couldn’t take their son back to Earth, not if they wanted him to live. And Atlantis was in the process of declaring themselves sovereign and those who knew also knew that with sovereignty dragons would be receiving actual rights and not just the pseudo ones they had on Earth.

“Declan will be safe here,” Lorne added.

Cam bit back a snarl. Lorne, the dick, had gone and named their kid without him, probably feeling that Cam’s unconsciousness (the result of running away from angry, rock throwing monkey-like creatures) had been a convenient time to lay a claim on Declan that Cam would never get. Cam knew that he was going to have to transfer to Atlantis, before the IOA threw a hairy fit over the sovereignty, to keep Lorne from continuing to be a dick. It was not something he was looking forward to.


Cameron didn’t like shifting. It was painful; it broke his bones, stretched them when he grew, ate them up in reversal, tore his skin when his scales and wings grew and felt like a million stabbing knives when they receded. Actually, Cam hated it.

He’d only shifted twice in his entire life before joining the Stargate Program. The first time he was ten and the government had demanded it so they could document his dragon form. He’d turned out to be a cross between an American Spitfire and a British Waverunner. His scales were a gradient mix of blue to black, his tale long and spiked on the end like a Waverunner’s and small barb like spikes ran down his spine like a Spitfire’s. He was larger then the average Spitfire but still smaller than a Waverunner, and both breeds were fire-breathers, so genetics hadn’t had to try and decided which one to take after for that trait. The second time he’d been scared, angry and his little brother had been in the process of being kidnapped after which there had been a lot of freaking out by everyone. It had turned out okay in the end, but they’d been lucky.

The SGC told him on his first day that his dragon form was an asset he needed to be able to utilize and sent him off world to get used to shifting. It had gotten easier with time and was now nowhere near as painful, but Cameron still hated it.

The first time Cameron shifted on Atlantis it was in response to Lorne’s own shift. Lorne was a Leviathan, long like the Chinese Imperials but without a frill, with blue and sea-green scales, and soft, flexible spikes along his spine. His wings were long and delicate looking and they folded right into the grooves of his body so that he looked like he didn’t have any. That trait allowed Leviathans to swim, like great big fucking eels. Cameron briefly contemplated eating him, but he was by far the smaller dragon and cannibalism wasn’t on the list of things he wanted to do.

Instead Cameron quickly spun around and smacked Lorne int he face with his tale. Before Lorne was able to fully recover Cam was turning full circle, pushed forward, head bowed, and slammed into Lorne’s chest.

He watched with a self satisfied smirk as Lorne lost purchase on the only balcony Atlantis had that was big enough to hold a dragon of their size and plunged into the water below. The fall wouldn’t kill him, but that’s hadn’t been the point. Cam only had a slim chance of beating Lorne in a fight, so he’d take whatever opportunity he had to kick his ass before a fight really got started.

Lorne’s head emerged from the water and he snarled. Cam replied with a short burst of flames.


Evan’s family tree was riddles with Leviathans on both sides, nearly one in every generation. Evan grew up being told it was their family’s big “fuck you” to the the government until they finally got their heads out of their asses. His sister had already continued the “tradition” with her youngest.

Evan had never been afraid of the government taking Declan. There were too many dragons on Atlantis and all the humans were good people who supported and treated them equally. He didn’t feel the same about Mitchell.

Mitchell he couldn’t predict. He couldn’t trust him either. They fought all the time over everything and Evan didn’t know how to stop it. He wanted to stop it, wanted his protective, overbearing instincts for Declan to calm the fuck down so he could fucking think properly. He wanted Cameron to like him, accept him and, if Evan was honest with himself, love him too.

He knew there was no hope for that last one though. He tried not to be bothered by it; he told himself he wasn’t. He wasn’t very good at lying to himself.


Declan loved flying. He loved taking a running leap off of any Atlantis tower, shifting in free fall and then stretching his wings out and gliding over the water. It was a comfort to be flying. He didn’t know what he’d do if he couldn’t go out every day and circle around the city lazily or fly out to the mainland and fireball the - surprisingly - still thriving poisonous snake population.

He loved flying with his fathers too. They’d dart between the towers, or climb the sky until the air got to thin. Sometimes he and his dad would make a game of torching the mainland snakes. Other times he and his other dad would dive into the ocean and explore until they grew tired.

Most of all though, Declan loved it when Toren joined him. Toren was the only human he ever allowed to ride him for no reason. It was something they shared together, flying with one another because they could and not because they had to. They could talk anything then too, about their fears and hopes, about the pressures no one put on them but they felt anyways because they were the oldest of Atlantis’ second generation. For just a short while they could be little kids again.
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