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Title: Champion
Series: N/A
Fandom(s): Stargate, Hockey
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: PG
Words: 261
Summary: In which there is a subtle indication that a Russian rap song saved the day.
Notes: For the Stargate Land Song Fic Challenge
Content Warnings: Bad!Crack. I apologize in advance.

The year was 2014. The Stargate Program had been declassified for a year, the media was finally finished having a field day and, despite all the worse case scenarios the governments involved had anticipated, Earth continued to rotate normally and her citizens lived life much as they already had been. Everything was looking pretty okay, so the world decided to allow visitors from other planets a near global access.

They expected the scientists, the historians, even the tourists. They dealt with the teens who couldn’t hold their alcohol, the adult ones too, and the unease the human race felt just because there was no guarantee everyone was an ally. The Mydrans though, they didn’t expect.

Their only request was to attend a Washington Capitols game and express their love for Alexander Ovechkin.

Fyi: The Russians were smug for the rest of the century. Canadians were livid.

The official statement was that the Mydrans had been exposed to hockey through one of the many visits between them and the SGC. Unofficially, the fault lied on the unrepentant shoulders of one Lieutenant General Jack O’Neill.

In March, after the Caps beat the Flyers, Ovechkin scored a hat trick and the Mydrans serenaded him with his own rap song in perfect Russian, a youtube video of O’Neill in a Mydran prison cell teaching his guards “Champion” went viral.

Saying hello from Washington ...
For every champion

The End

P.S. The Russians hit a new level of smug after that. Canadians were still livid.
P.P.S. Daniel Jackson reportedly died again.
P.P.P.S. In 2015, Ovechkin’s next hit was all about how awesome O’Neill was.

For those who would like to be amazed more than likely horrified have conflicted feelings. Just watch Ovie!!:

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