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Title: Lurking In The Dark
Series: Awake My Soul
Fandom: Stargate (Supernatural Fusion)
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG-13
Words: 506
Summary: “You just unsuccessfully shot something trying to kill us!”
Note: Written for the stargateland Spooky Trope Challenge

“This is all your fault.”

Jack cocked his gun and glared at Daniel, “I’m not the one who decided that investigating a haunted house on Halloween was a good idea.”

“You said there was a Hunt here,” Daniel shot back accusingly.

“Yea, and I also said that supernatural beings like ghosts had more power on Samhain,” Jack shot the stairway he was considering going up a suspicious look. “Someone thought I was making it up.”

Daniel had the decency to flush in embarrassment which gave Jack a little consolation. The stairs creaked and immediately he fired.

The house shifted ominously.

“Are you trying to piss the house off?” Daniel asked furiously, looking around warily. “You just unsuccessfully shot something trying to kill us!”

“I didn’t miss,” Jack replied in a matter of fact tone.

“Right, because dealing a tiny bit of damage is a good thing,” was the sarcastic reply.

“I feel better.”

“You would.”

Daniel sighed heavily and looked around the hallway they were standing in, trying to find something that could give them a clue that would help to purge the spirit that didn’t result in burning the whole thing down. Well, they could burn it down, but they were trapped and Daniel didn’t want to take the risk that they’d survive the burning house long enough for the spirit to be destroyed and them to escape.

“Are we going up or not?” Daniel asked after a few moments.

Jack scowled at the stairs, “if they behave.”

Daniel sighed again and pushed past him, walking up the stairs with determination, albeit carefully. Jack followed him, grumbling.

The upper hallway was lined with aged photos of a family that had long since died, the house itself never accepting a person long enough for it to be cleared out. Daniel hadn’t been able to discover much about the family’s death, the house was a century old, surprisingly sturdy, and the record keeping at the time had been pretty shoddy.

As they walked down the hallway Daniel tried the doors but they were all locked except for the one at the very end.

“Careful Spacemonkey,” Jack cautioned him, standing back a little ways for a good angle in case something was waiting for them.

Daniel rolled his eyes and swung the door open. It was a bedroom, large and ornate and not at all like the rest of the house, with a very nice, very large bed in the middle. It wasn’t old and rotting, covered in dust or dull, it looked perfectly preserved.

Daniel raised an eyebrow and glanced at Jack, “The house is a voyeur?”

“Daniel, there is no way in hell, heaven or earth that I am fucking you in a haunted house.”

Outside, standing at the end of the driveway were two tall figures dressed in black. One turned to the other, a slight smirk betraying his emotions on an otherwise impassive face.

“It would seem that I have won our bet.”

The other man, Ba’al, scowled, “The night’s not over yet, Teal’c.”
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