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Title: A is for Adoration
Series: [livejournal.com profile] parrish_lorne Alphabet Soup
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairings of a sort: Parrish/Lorne, John/Cam, Markham/Stackhouse
Rating: PG
Words: 576
Summary: A different kind of plant love

Professor David Parrish had two loves. The first was Botany. It was by far his bigger love for it had shaped everything he’d done with his life both professionally and personally. The second was teaching which, unfortunately had the side effect of diminishing the amount of time he spent on his personal projects.

But every day, no matter how late it was David always spend his first hours home checking in on his Atlantis Greenhouse. It housed his personal collection of plants he kept because he could, because he wanted to, and each one had a name of their own.

His routine started with eliminating the Wraith, or at least trying to because they were weeds, they always came back. He was keeping on top of their invasion, they hadn’t been able to suck the life out of any of his plants for several months now. Although David was a little worried when the end of term rolled around again because they were always able to make a pretty good come back.

Then he took care of the Martyniu he called Ronon, a carnivorous plant he always ned his wits about him for. Ronon would attack and eat anything; bugs, other plants, Davids fingers if he wasn’t paying attention and the Wraith, especially the Wraith. David never had to weed around Ronon.

After Ronon David turned his attention to the ones he categorized as the assholes. There was the Arisaema, Rodney, the Juncus, Richard and the Veronicastrum Viginicum, Steven. No matter how long he worked on them they never behaved the way they were supposed to, and there were many days he contemplated being done with them and getting a new specimen of each. But, because he’d spent so much time on them he was reluctant to just give up.

The girls were looked after next. Miko, the ipomoea alba and Jennifer the gloriosa superba were flowering vines and climbed up the fence set up against the wall. Alison, a Eustoma Grandiflorum, Teyla an Impatiens Balsamina and Elizabeth a Lotus Bertheoltii were spread out in front of Miko and Jennifer and he always made sure they looked as stunning as they could possibly be.

Then there were the ones that made David think he put too much reality into his plants. The Sarracenia, Jason and the Agave, Nate were in some kind of relationship as were John, a Festuca Glanca and Cam, an Aquilegia. Often he would come in and find their leaves entangled, sometimes even their stems and if flowers could kiss he was pretty sure the way their petals pressed together was their form of kissing. It was kind of adorable if incredibly bizarre. Carson, a Chelone was lumped with them although David had been thinking about transplanting him over to the girl’s side or giving him an area all to his own like Ronon.

David always saved Evan for last. It wasn’t because he was difficult in any way like Ronon or Rodney, or because he needed special attention. Evan was simply David’s favourite. He was a Borago Officinalis, a simple yet sturdy periwinkle-blue flowering plant that responded to everything David did like a contented cat being scratched behind the ears (but without the purring). His blooms were full and beautiful and lasted far longer than expected. The fuzz on his stem and leaves was soft, abnormally so and every year on David’s birthday Evan produced a pink and a lavender bloom.

End Notes:
Elizabeth Common name is Parrot's Beak and the main reason I chose this for her is because of the red
Carson Common name is Turtlehead. Which is ref. to The Return

If you want to have a look at any of the other chosen plants you can enter the name at the site I used to choose them. Except for Ronon. Ronon was from a different database.

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