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Title: Cosmic Love
Series: None
Fandom: Stargate/Sanctuary
Pairing: Lorne/Tesla
Rating: PG-13
Words: 380
Summary: Written for [livejournal.com profile] calcitrix whose prompt was simply There’s always room for Lorne/Tesla

Evan liked the danger. He liked that he never really knew what was going on in Nikola’s head most of the time and he especially liked the glint Nikola got in his eye every time he discovered something new.

He liked the danger of helping Nikola with his experiments, though most of the time he was just watching and sketching. Nikola was always so focused, sometimes he could go for days without taking a break and it always fascinated Evan. He was nothing like Mckay and yet he was. He only tolerated working with other geniuses, delivered scathing remarks to everyone and more often than not insulted the equation or device he was working on when he was having some sort of difficulty.

But Nikola always made time for him. The early evening hours till dawn were theirs. Whether they talked about everything and nothing or focused more precisely on their work or fucked like the touch starved lovers they were it was their time. Nikola’s associates left them alone, if they were at the Sanctuary Helen kept the crises to a minimum and Evan knew that unless it really was an emergency the SGC would leave him alone.

It didn’t stop Evan from wishing that their time would never end. They never seemed to be together long enough before Evan’s leave was up and he was headed back to Atlantis. Back to saving the galaxy and protecting Sheppard from Woolsey who always had an itching to kill the pilot for his inattention to his paperwork.

It didn’t stop Evan from wishing he could smuggle Nikola into Atlantis because while Sheppard might be able to make the city sing, Nikola would be able to make it dance. Nikola would be able to do things Mckay couldn’t even dream of and he would love the city as much as Evan did. It would be amazing.

But it wasn’t possible, as much as Evan wished it was so he spent what time he had with Nikola and savoured it. Savoured his brilliance, his wit, the taste of his skin and the sound of his moans. He savoured it all and took it with him as a reminder for when they were apart.
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